How to Increase Your Website’s Value

Running a dot com business is never easy and one has to stay in the competition to make the maximum from the business. That means running your website as cost-effectively as possible using coupons, which you can find by searching for a special limited time offer from hosting providers like Hostinger, and making sure that people can find you. With the rising popularity of search engines for finding the relevant information on the internet, it has become a priority of the webmasters to achieve high ranks in the search engine results so that their site can get maximum exposure and hence maximum traffic. Search engines like MSN, Yahoo! and Google consider every element of your website to display it in their search result.

Search engine optimization is considered by many to be a difficult task to accomplish, which is not true. Any web master can achieve desired results by following some tips and tricks.

1. Keep your site simple and user-friendly.

This means that the website should be easy to navigate and presents the information to the user in a crystal clear manner. Make sure that you pick a domain that is easy to remember and relevant to your business, don’t forget location specific domains such as domains to make it easier for your customers to find you.

Search engines use crawlers to check the content on the website before it is displayed in the search results. If the website contains too much of the irrelevant information and has a lot of flash animation on it, search engines tend to drop it from their results. Animation and flash can reduce the uploading speed of the website, which is unfavorable from the point of view of the user. Thus, the key for achieving good rank in search results is to keep the site simple and free of animations. Design should coordinate the links well so that traffic can fluently move through various sections and links on the site.

2. Search engines track websites depending on the query entered by the visitor in the search box, which is generally a relevant keyword depending on the visitor’s need.

Thus, the content that is published on the website should be of good quality and it must contain relevant keywords as deemed necessary. Moreover, it should be updated on regular intervals. Search engines value fresh and unique content to present the latest piece of information to their users.

3. Back linking is very important to add another source of traffic to your website.

The more number of backlinks your site has, the more traffic it will receive from other sites. You should always post links to your site on other websites. Web directories, forums and article directories are a great source of potential traffic to your website. Social networking is booming these days and you can also use it as a tool to give your site maximum exposure. Post articles that are relevant to the services offered by the site. These tips are nothing but search engine optimization techniques that are quite simple to follow.

You have got this fabulous blog or website designed and you could not wait to upload it and finally launch it onto the internet because you know that your website is a quality website, people will gain from it but after a few weeks you become despondent. Why? After all of your effort, after hyping yourself up about how people won’t be able to stay away from your website, you are getting minimal website traffic. We know how discouraging this can be, when you don’t get results from a website that you originally hoped you would but that is why we are going to walk you through the top tips to increase your website traffic easily.

Content is King

This phrase has been used and abused all over the internet but it’s the hard, cold truth. If you have a website with inadequate content, you will not rank well in the search engines but most importantly, people will not be interested in staying at your website. It is better to pay for someone to professionally write your content then for you to do yourself – especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. When it comes to writing content, it’s not as simple as slapping a few words together, a professional content writer knows exactly how to structure your content to make it entertaining to read and informative while still creating value for your reader.

Exchange, exchange, EXCHANGE!

Most websites will have a links section, where they will link to sites that also link to them or are another resource for their readers. If you give readers new resources which they find useful, they won’t forget your website, so don’t worry about “sharing the link love” as I like to call it. Start making a name for yourself and start getting in touch with different websites so that you can exchange links. However, only do this if your websites have complimentary subjects. Don’t ask for a link exchange for a dog site when you’re a locksmith provider. Google’s intense PR calculation looks at how many websites are linking towards your site. The more Google likes this, this higher your site will rank in the search engines, thus increasing traffic to your website.

Blog Comments

If you are trying to gain exposure to your website, the easiest way to get traffic streaming to your website is comment on blogs that have similar topics to your own website. Now, I don’t mean go and spam blog comments. Go and make informative, educated comments on other people’s blogs and link to your website. You cannot imagine how much this can do to increase your website traffic. More importantly, make sure you post on blogs that do-follow. Posting on do-follow blogs will not only get you more traffic from interested parties but also increase your Google PR by having more one-way links pointing towards your site.

You need great information to succeed in your bid to increase your website traffic. You also need the right tools to make the most of both your time and potential as far as your traffic campaign is concerned. However, no matter how much of these two you have, you’ll still achieve nothing without personal motivation. bonobos promo code

Let’s assume you’ve got great information on how to get 100,000 visitors in 90 days…

Let’s say the information requires that you write 10 articles every day. It says you should make unique copies of them and submit them to 400 article directories. That’s great and that’s fine.
You have great information on how to churn out high quality articles faster than you used to some weeks ago. You also have great information on resources that will make it a lot easier for you to do both the rewrites and the submission.

You need some motivation to use the information that you have on writing those articles albeit 10 times faster. You need motivation to check out and/or buy the resources that make the other steps in the process a lot easier.

Even when you have the whole tools and resources in your hand, you also need motivation to use them diligently according to the requirements of your chosen strategy.

Believe it or not, there will be times when you’ll not feel like doing the things you know will produce the results you are after. This is particularly truer when you’ve yet to experience the result the strategy promises. It’s a lot easier once you have tasted the sweet results. However, you’ll still need motivation.

No, guru will provide this for you. You have to reach deep into yourself and find very compelling reasons why you need to increase your website traffic so desperately. The more your reason touches your very core values, the more easily you can stay motivated.

So, do all you can to find and maintain that motivation. If you don’t, no amount of information or tools will make your dream of increasing your website traffic a reality.