How to Calculate Your Website’s Worth

Your Website Could Be Worth A Lot of Money!

We all know how important it is to have a website of your own when you are into an online business. You may have saved costs upfront by using hosting coupons from a site like, but there comes a time when your site needs to be bringing in a lot more income than it’s costing you.

If you would like to maintain your own website or if you are selling them to earn some money, it is definitely important for you to know what is the true value of your websites. How do you do this? With the help of a website value calculator you will now have the ability to know your site’s worth.

There Are A Few Website Value Calculators Available Online:

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This may be something new to you because most of us aren’t aware that such service is available online. However, if you would like to know how this works then you may continue reading this article to gain more information about your website’s value and its worth.

Now, let’s say that you have a website which has optimized content but you haven’t been using it that much. You would like to know what would be the estimated website value you can offer for this type of website. But first you should know what factors will determine the value of your websites. Remember to keep your website costs as low as possible by finding a good value web host and then making sure you take advantage of any promotional pricing or discount codes they might offer.

Calculating Value Based on Revenue:

To be more specific, the value of a website would depend on its online entity rather than the monetary value of the company which actually runs it. One of the main factors to consider a website’s worth is how much income can it produce in a certain time frame. So, if one has to evaluate on your websites worth this is one of the assets that you should consider as an online entity.

To determine this you will then be needing a website value calculator. This type of service allows you to get access to a geographic data based on rankings, popularity, backlinks and other sources which can calculate your site’s estimate valuation.

Most of this web value sites can be accessed by the public and you will be able to find several credible sites available online to provide you the website value data that you need. To get access to the right web value calculators, you need to understand and do a little homework on how these calculations may help you in selling your site. It is important that you read the FAQ’s to know more about how your website’s worth is being calculated.

The Most Important Metrics For Measurement:

If not you are missing out on a very important website metric. VPV, or Value per Visitor, is one of the most important metrics to know about an existing site. It helps us to set budgets and manage ad spends to ensure maximum return on investment.

Calculating VPV is fairly simple. First, look at your monthly website statistics and find your total number of unique visitors for the month. Then take the net profit that was generated from your website for that month and divide it by the total number of unique visitors. For example, if you had 2,000 unique visitors and you made a net profit of $10,000, then your VPV is $5.00.

With an accurate value per visitor we can now begin to setup realistic ad campaigns. If you were trying to maintain a 200% ROI, then with the previous example we know that we do not want to spend more than $2.50 per visitor to our website. However, this does not mean that we should limit our Cost Per Click (CPC) to $2.50, only that we want to keep our AVERAGE CPC below $2.50. Since some keywords will be more competitive than others, we will need to bid more on those, while others will have little competition and can be bid on for pennies. In the end, it is the AVGCPC that we are concerned with.

Unless you are doing an extensive targeted marketing campaign on your website traffic will not be instantly available to you. It will take time to build quality traffic. Once you have built up some traffic it is time to analyze this traffic to see where it’s coming from and how well it’s converting. Too many people focus on getting more traffic to their website but if it’s not converting then more traffic will only lead to more unconverted traffic.

Google Analytics is a Valuable Tool:

This is where Google Analytics comes in. Within the analytics system you can setup goal conversions to see how many people are making purchases on your website and from this you can calculate visitor value. You can calculate how much each visitor is worth to your website. In simply terms lets say you get 100 visitors and one person makes a purchase of £100 from your website with information you can tell that every visitor to your website is worth £1 to your business. This information can be invaluable especially if you are using AdWords to drive traffic to your website.

One of the other things you can track is where people are leaving your website. This can give you information on how relevant your content is on your website and what pages need improving. A tip here is to setup goal conversions at every stage of your order process as sites often suffers from high cart abandonment. With this information in hand you can see where people are abandoning their cart. You can then test different versions of your order process and track the results.

If you don’t know what’s not working on your website then it’s very difficult to fix it. This is why Google Analytics is your websites friend and with this system being totally free you really have no excuse to not use it. There are of course other systems that offer similar systems some you will have to pay for and some that are free, however in my option there is no other system that has the professionalism that Google Analytics offers.

As you can see, Value per Visitor plays a crucial role in assisting with your internet marketing initiatives. If you are not currently keeping track of your VPV, then I suggest you start now. Begin by ensuring that you have website statistics enabled. This could be through your webhost or preferably, through Google Analytics, a powerful and free service offered by Google. Next up, you need to start tracking your sales and gross profits from your website. If your site is an e-store and sales products online, this is very simple. But if you sale goods offline or your provide services it can become tricky to know which sales came from where. We recommend you setup a separate phone number to use exclusive on your website. RingCentral or other call management software can be used to achieve this and it is fairly cheap, around $25-$30 a month. The new number will ring through to your main line, but you can track all calls online to that number. All you need to do is write down the caller’s name and phone number, something you probably already do, and compare the phone numbers of sales to those in your calling software.

Using A Business Broker To Buy Or Sell A Website

Nearly everyone has an online business these days. Why don’t you? While creating an ecommerce store from scratch is often a possibility, it’s also a costly endeavor. Make sure you pick a web host that is both top quality, and also great value. We recommend using hostpapa, and if you follow that link there they have some excellent promotional codes. If you don’t have the skills to design a website, you’re at the mercy of a web design team, who may or may not understand your ideas. Is there any way to get around this hurdle and start managing a company online?

Brokers Can Simplify Website Purchases.

In the present, online businesses have gained in popularity. In fact, several stores that were once brick-and-mortar entities only have closed their physical doors and are open up all the time in cyberspace. Because of this, business brokers specializing in online businesses have popped up. A business broker specializing in websites and ecommerce stores has the skills to sell many existing websites and sought-after domain names, and the broker’s intention is to find the best possible buyer for the existing internet business. Is that person you?

Keeping Your Current Website’s Costs Down with Coupons.

If you’re on the selling end of the transaction, contacting a business broker specializing in online stores is often the best solution for passing your company into another set of hands. The online business broker, much like a traditional broker, will discuss your company with you, including your goals and projections for your company, and will ask for proof of this. This information forms your prospectus, and the business broker will use this to advertise and attract a new owner. Remember that it’s best to wait for a good offer rather than just take the first one that comes along (unless it’s great!), and if you are concerned about the cost of holding onto your website remember that you can always use coupons for when your domain and hosting renewal coupons to save your money. For the easiest-to-use- website, we like CouponJournal.

As the intermediary between the buyer and seller, a business broker keeps the intentions of the website owner in mind. Because of this, the broker will speak with and find the best new owner for the online business. Essentially, this person not only needs to have the funds to acquire the domain but also the business skills and intentions to keep the online business going in the right direction.

Selling websites isn’t for the the baby chickens you have to know your stuff and be a good Realtor as if your were selling a house in the outside world, But if you’ve been online dealing with websites for a couple of years like myself then you should know the basics. OK so of course if you want to sell and buy websites for a living you have to know how to marketing those sites first, This is a must because after all who wants to buy a website that’s not already established, You can have the most beautiful website in the world without marketing it it’s useless. So let get to the of buying and selling websites online.

First thing first submit your websites to search engines especially Google and Yahoo, Next to get this site almost immediately indexed I recommend using Social book marketing sites because Google seems to pass through them sites like every hour on the hour. Next right a press release and introduce your site to the world wide net, Spill it out write some good stuff on the good your site Will bring to the net others can’t or don’t do.

Now it’s time for link building, Build some links with like wise sites out there, Don’t use link farms because most of them are spam and Google and other search engines are aware of these farms, Build this website as much as possible in all means though, The Internet is a big world it’s never to late do these things over and over with every website you want to sell but make sure you get enough traffic, page views a month, well indexed in search engines and little revenue a month won’t hurt either.

There are different types of websites depending on one specific need. There is always something for everyone and this is what has made the web a better choice for doing business. In a big way, the web has seen the rise in traffic and this is due to the unlimited potential yet to be harnessed especially in this buying and selling of websites. The transactions of this nature have currently been at its peak and gaining popularity all over the world among the young generation who have been brought up along with its evolution.

These websites have a source and they are not hard to find at all. They can be found in any search engine since they too have undergone web optimization. Finding the websites for sale is easy and also affordable depending with the size and features. Out there on the web we have people who have specialized in buying and selling websites and creating websites of different features and the likes for a ready market which has presented itself at the earliest opportunity. This is safe investment that has returns that are to be envied by all who stand by the way side in fear due to ignorance.

This is the way of the future no question or doubt about it. It also has to be taken into account that, this is a profitable venture if one chooses to enter with full commitment and focus. The buying and selling of websites has over time been the better source of income. If one chooses to go down this road, he or she will have plenty of freedom since they can even operate from home provided there is a PC and internet connectivity. This is the way forward with a stable and reliable gain to its name.

How to buy and sell websites

Buying or selling a website is not a particularly difficult thing to do. There are many sites which act as agents, showing available websites for sale or offering those who wish to sell their site a place to do so. In most cases, site owners or prospective buyers can simply click a button to “buy website” or “sell website” and then follow the instructions.

Some people may wish to buy the domain only in order to boost the search engine optimization of their own site. Alternatively, people may want to buy the whole site in order to get their business off to a running start. There are sites which trade in just domains or just websites as well as those which buy and both either separately or as a package.

The difficulty comes in knowing which websites are worthy investments. When buying anything whether it is property, stocks or a business, the asset should be researched thoroughly.

What to look for 

  • Buying – Buyers should know what it is exactly that they need a website to do and whether they need a site which already does that or whether they are prepared to buy a less expensive site and work on it to optimize results.
  • Selling – Establishing the reason to sell the website is paramount. Then it is a case of choosing the correct place to market the site. Preferably one that works hard to look for buyers which will be interested in the site in question.

How to Increase Your Website’s Value

Running a dot com business is never easy and one has to stay in the competition to make the maximum from the business. That means running your website as cost-effectively as possible using coupons, which you can find by searching for a special limited time offer from hosting providers like Hostinger, and making sure that people can find you. With the rising popularity of search engines for finding the relevant information on the internet, it has become a priority of the webmasters to achieve high ranks in the search engine results so that their site can get maximum exposure and hence maximum traffic. Search engines like MSN, Yahoo! and Google consider every element of your website to display it in their search result.

Search engine optimization is considered by many to be a difficult task to accomplish, which is not true. Any web master can achieve desired results by following some tips and tricks.

1. Keep your site simple and user-friendly.

This means that the website should be easy to navigate and presents the information to the user in a crystal clear manner. Make sure that you pick a domain that is easy to remember and relevant to your business, don’t forget location specific domains such as domains to make it easier for your customers to find you.

Search engines use crawlers to check the content on the website before it is displayed in the search results. If the website contains too much of the irrelevant information and has a lot of flash animation on it, search engines tend to drop it from their results. Animation and flash can reduce the uploading speed of the website, which is unfavorable from the point of view of the user. Thus, the key for achieving good rank in search results is to keep the site simple and free of animations. Design should coordinate the links well so that traffic can fluently move through various sections and links on the site.

2. Search engines track websites depending on the query entered by the visitor in the search box, which is generally a relevant keyword depending on the visitor’s need.

Thus, the content that is published on the website should be of good quality and it must contain relevant keywords as deemed necessary. Moreover, it should be updated on regular intervals. Search engines value fresh and unique content to present the latest piece of information to their users.

3. Back linking is very important to add another source of traffic to your website.

The more number of backlinks your site has, the more traffic it will receive from other sites. You should always post links to your site on other websites. Web directories, forums and article directories are a great source of potential traffic to your website. Social networking is booming these days and you can also use it as a tool to give your site maximum exposure. Post articles that are relevant to the services offered by the site. These tips are nothing but search engine optimization techniques that are quite simple to follow.

You have got this fabulous blog or website designed and you could not wait to upload it and finally launch it onto the internet because you know that your website is a quality website, people will gain from it but after a few weeks you become despondent. Why? After all of your effort, after hyping yourself up about how people won’t be able to stay away from your website, you are getting minimal website traffic. We know how discouraging this can be, when you don’t get results from a website that you originally hoped you would but that is why we are going to walk you through the top tips to increase your website traffic easily.

Content is King

This phrase has been used and abused all over the internet but it’s the hard, cold truth. If you have a website with inadequate content, you will not rank well in the search engines but most importantly, people will not be interested in staying at your website. It is better to pay for someone to professionally write your content then for you to do yourself – especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. When it comes to writing content, it’s not as simple as slapping a few words together, a professional content writer knows exactly how to structure your content to make it entertaining to read and informative while still creating value for your reader.

Exchange, exchange, EXCHANGE!

Most websites will have a links section, where they will link to sites that also link to them or are another resource for their readers. If you give readers new resources which they find useful, they won’t forget your website, so don’t worry about “sharing the link love” as I like to call it. Start making a name for yourself and start getting in touch with different websites so that you can exchange links. However, only do this if your websites have complimentary subjects. Don’t ask for a link exchange for a dog site when you’re a locksmith provider. Google’s intense PR calculation looks at how many websites are linking towards your site. The more Google likes this, this higher your site will rank in the search engines, thus increasing traffic to your website.

Blog Comments

If you are trying to gain exposure to your website, the easiest way to get traffic streaming to your website is comment on blogs that have similar topics to your own website. Now, I don’t mean go and spam blog comments. Go and make informative, educated comments on other people’s blogs and link to your website. You cannot imagine how much this can do to increase your website traffic. More importantly, make sure you post on blogs that do-follow. Posting on do-follow blogs will not only get you more traffic from interested parties but also increase your Google PR by having more one-way links pointing towards your site.

You need great information to succeed in your bid to increase your website traffic. You also need the right tools to make the most of both your time and potential as far as your traffic campaign is concerned. However, no matter how much of these two you have, you’ll still achieve nothing without personal motivation. bonobos promo code

Let’s assume you’ve got great information on how to get 100,000 visitors in 90 days…

Let’s say the information requires that you write 10 articles every day. It says you should make unique copies of them and submit them to 400 article directories. That’s great and that’s fine.
You have great information on how to churn out high quality articles faster than you used to some weeks ago. You also have great information on resources that will make it a lot easier for you to do both the rewrites and the submission.

You need some motivation to use the information that you have on writing those articles albeit 10 times faster. You need motivation to check out and/or buy the resources that make the other steps in the process a lot easier.

Even when you have the whole tools and resources in your hand, you also need motivation to use them diligently according to the requirements of your chosen strategy.

Believe it or not, there will be times when you’ll not feel like doing the things you know will produce the results you are after. This is particularly truer when you’ve yet to experience the result the strategy promises. It’s a lot easier once you have tasted the sweet results. However, you’ll still need motivation.

No, guru will provide this for you. You have to reach deep into yourself and find very compelling reasons why you need to increase your website traffic so desperately. The more your reason touches your very core values, the more easily you can stay motivated.

So, do all you can to find and maintain that motivation. If you don’t, no amount of information or tools will make your dream of increasing your website traffic a reality.